The Mongolian Investment Banking Group LLC (MIBG) is a financial boutique, providing a select range of financial services and products designed specifically to generate value within the mining and resources sector of Mongolia. The MIBG team consists of dedicated professionals who are committed to



The National Venture Capital /"NVC"/ LLC was established in 2007 and is the first Mongolian private equity and venture capital firm we invest in the emerging and advanced technology sectors nationwide. The firm applies sector expertise, deep local presence, and broad global



"FSCo" /"Financial Services Corporation"/ LLC was established on June 11, 2007. With a vision to provide comprehensive financial services, "FSCo" LLC has continuously grown and developed. Today, there are three subsidiaries under the financial holding company


National Life Insurance

"National Life Insurance" LLC is the first insurance company that has been licensed to provide long term insurance services in the country.

The company`s products and services focus on social wellness of the public in namely, health, pension, college tuition etc. Within the above scope, the company has been