Mine Info

In 1997 when the mineral sector of Mongolia took a step into a new era of prosperity, Mine Info LLC was founded as a mineral exploration and consulting company, later leading to the formation of the MIH group, a diversified company.

"Mine Info" LLC implemented more than 30 projects in Mongolia in cooperation with foreign and Mongolian   investors for surface and underground geological surveys.

"Minelnfo" LLC takes pride in contributing to the success and prosperous welfare of...


Metal Impex

MIH group’s joint venture company Metal Impex LLC has been making its significant contributions to the prosperity of Mongolian economy in mining project development, implementation and successfully implemented a number of mining projects since 1996.

One of the company’s major projects undertaken is the construction of Tumurtiin ovoo’s zinc factory located in Sukhbaatar province. With the collaboration of China’s layout design and construction company NFC, we built...