"FSCo" /"Financial Services Corporation"/ LLC was established on June 11, 2007. With a vision to provide comprehensive financial services, "FSCo" LLC has continuously grown and developed. Today, there are three subsidiaries under the financial holding company:

    - "National Life Daatgal" LLC

    - "NVC" /"National Venture Capital"/ LLC

    - "MIBG" /"Mongolian Investment Banking Group"/ LLC

Our mission is to develop and offer the more advanced financial services in Mongolia to our customers, both corporate and individual, while creating value for our shareholders, employees, and our customers. FSCO will closely monitor market trends and seize opportunities to create value.

In spite of being young company through the triple engines of venture capital, life insurance and investment banking FSCO has grown its market share and became the leading provider of integrated financial services through diversifying industrial business.

FSCO provides a full range of financial products and services through its subsidiaries in life insurance, investment banking, securities, investment funds, venture capital and property and services to help customers create wealth and live more beautiful life.