"Penohiits" LLC is a domestic manufacturer of modern and innovative construction materials. The company was established in 2008 with the support of NVC company which is an affiliate of the group company to produce a type of lightweight concrete Peno (foamed).

Main purpose of Penobeton that produced by the research based on modern technology of Scandinavian countries building materials specialists lies in reducing construction cost by decreasing its weight and also in enhancing insulation and segregation performance between inner and outer walls.

Foam concrete is a cement material manufactured by mixing a cement paste, also called slurry, or mortar with a manufactured foam material. This makes a substance that is porous and lightweight. It has no side-effects to human health and environment because slurry foam is biogenous like any other domestic application foam substances such as shampoo with no color and scent and liquid soap.

Penobeton can not only be produced as a masonry block material but also it could be used for insulation of outer wall, roof, foundation of road, and pipeline. It has a lot of advantages such as fire-proof and sound-proof.