The National Venture Capital /"NVC"/ LLC was established in 2007 and is the first Mongolian private equity and venture capital firm we invest in the emerging and advanced technology sectors nationwide. The firm applies sector expertise, deep local presence, and broad global platform to create value for its clients.

Our investment focus is not only businesses and projects with high returns, but also creating long-term value for our customers by helping them to build strong business practice to become the leading companies in their sectors.

Also we provide consulting services to subsequent clients:

       -   Project consultancy.

       -   Investment consultancy

In additionally we offer loan services such as:

       -   Project loan

       -   Business loan

Opportunities for cooperation

We are looking for businesses with high returns on capital, cash conversion and good growth prospects. We strive to partner with and support services and businesses that are potential leaders in their relevant industries, and management teams that have record of successfully developing their businesses.

We are especially interested in cooperation with strategic foreign investors, who have proven their industrial expertise and who are willing to invest in the booming investment environment in Mongolia.