“Barkad Mongolia” LLC was established in 2011 by the cooperation of “MIH Group” LLC and “Grilnay” company of Kyrgyzstan. The company was the first to introduce grilled chicken fast food chain into the Mongolian market.

Roasting apparatus of the company was imported from Turkey and grilled chicken fast food chains near the supermarkets in Ulaanbaatar were opened. The company is cooperating with the chicken importers like "Asia Links" LLC, under "Sayanskii Broiler" LLC, which is a manufacturer of chicken and meat products Erkhuu State of Russia.

The company is bringing fresh taste and quality for all the customers in the Mongolian grilled chicken marketplace in the way of grilling chicken on the naked flame with Kirgiz's traditional flavouring. Currently, there are thirteen points of sales of grilled chicken operating in Ulaanbaatar and the company has planned to further increase the number of points of sales to get more close to the customers.