Thank you for your interest in "MIH" Group and for visiting our website.

On behalf of the staff, management, and directors of the “MIH” Group LLC /“Mongolian Investment Holding” Group LLC/ allow me to express my heartfelt greetings to our public and private organizations partners, foreign and domestic associates, and loyal customers.

The “MIH” Group originated in 1997 under the establishment of “Mine Info” LLC, delivering professional and mineral consultancy service to both foreign and domestic corporations engaged in the Mongolian Geological and Mining industry.

Continued expansion and diversification led to the development of the current group structure. Established in 2007, the “MIH’ Group specialized in geological information and exploration, construction, and construction materials through its three subsidiaries such as “Mine Info” LLC, “Bolo” LLC, and “M-Solid” LLC.

To further engage the growing opportunities in Mongolia the “MIH” Group later in 2007 established an additional subsidiary, the “FSCo” LLC /“Financial Service Corporation” LLC/. “FSCo” LLC is comprised of independent financial service companies operating in the fields of life and health insurance, venture capital and asset management, and brokerage and underwriting. These services are delivered by “National Life Insurance” LLC, “National Venture Capital” LLC, “MIHFMS” LLC, and the “Mongolian Investment Banking Group” LLC respectively.

We are Proud to state that our current Group structure consists of more than 20 subsidiaries and affiliated companies, with a growing staff of over 200 employees. We are committed to the continued success and growth of “MIH” Group, maintaining its vitality and aim of delivering products and services at international standards in each of our business areas.

Our doors are always open to everyone who is willing to join us.

 Kind regards,


 Chairman and CEO   

“Mongolian Investment Holding” Group